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Welcome to Rosey's, Chef Chad Rosenthal's newest hoagie joint in the heart of downtown Ambler, PA.

At Rosey's, the vibrant flavors of Vietnamese Bánh Mì blend seamlessly with those of Chad's American Barbecue culinary background.

We're passionate about creating Bánh Mì sandwiches that celebrate simplicity and the freshest and highest quality ingredients. Our Bánh Mì are more than just a sandwich – they're a rich culinary symphony of salty, sour, savory, sweet, flaky and aromatic with a pop of umami...all in one bite. Join us at Rosey's for a celebration of what we believe is the greatest sandwich in the world, by far— the Bánh Mì!

Chad Rosenthal

Born and raised in the vibrant culinary landscape of Philadelphia, Chef Chad Rosenthal's culinary journey speaks volumes about passion, dedication, and a commitment to making a difference. As a self-taught chef, Chad found significant success, initially ignited by his love for BBQ and comfort food. This journey established him as a respected restaurateur in the Philadelphia area, particularly with his flagship establishment, The Lucky Well.

Recently, Chad broadened his culinary horizons by introducing The Lucky Well - Incubator—a unique shared kitchen initiative focused on nurturing emerging food entrepreneurs. This pioneering space provides hand-selected talents with the opportunity to showcase their culinary skills, gain crucial experience in restaurant ownership, and receive invaluable mentorship within a collaborative kitchen environment. This endeavor not only fosters talent but also cultivates a sense of community and entertainment in the dining experience.

Throughout his career, Chad has graced various television shows, featuring on both local and national programs such as Food Network Star (twice), Chopped Grill Masters, Beat Bobby Flay (which he did), Good Morning America, and several others. When away from the kitchen, he enthusiastically shares his culinary insights, advising brands and engaging audiences at food festivals. His genuine passion for food and approachable demeanor have solidified Chad as a relatable and must-see culinary entertainer nationwide.

Moreover, Chad's commitment to using food as a conduit for giving back resonates deeply. His collaborations with organizations like Philabundance, Project Home, and a mission to serve thousands of US sailors in Guantanamo Bay underscore his belief in the transformative power of a well-prepared meal. For Chad, cooking transcends mere flavors and techniques—it's about building connections and effecting positive change, one meal at a time.

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